The Power of Belief


Think back to diet plans and exercise plans you’ve tried in the past, did you give it your all and stick to your plan no matter what? Or can you recall making excuses here, there and everywhere in an attempt to convince yourself it was OK to skip a work out, or ditch your diet…

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Where’s Your Head At?


One of the key elements to being successful when it comes to achieving weight loss/physique and fitness goals is your level of focus. If you have your eye on your end goal you’re far more likely to be able to commit, staying focused on your challenge through out. Lose that focus though, and you can…

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How Not to Start Your Day…


Want to Make Changes? This is How Not to Start Your Day… We all know the phrase ‘getting out of the wrong side of the bed,’ but there’s more reality to this than you realise. Starting your day right goes a long way to how productive and proactive you are over the duration of the…

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Bacon Muffins on a Sunday Morning

Sunday morning breakfast can be hard, especially if you are trying to eat well and healthy. Temptation is high to cheat and indulge in something you really want or are craving. Well give these bacon muffins a go,  they are super quick to make and will certainly hit the spot. This will allow you to…

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Benefit From Early Morning Workouts

Early morning workout

I know I know, working out in the morning probably sounds like the last thing you’ll want to do first thing, but get in the right frame of mind and morning workouts can quickly become your best friend.  Promoting loads of great benefits, working out before your day even begins properly can be the ideal…

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Reach your Goals with SpFT

Iain  (23 of 25)

Semi-Private Fitness Training When it comes to working out and getting in shape people often stay starting is the hard part. Whilst it’s great to take those first steps and get back in the gym, or pick up the sports you once loved again, the next challenge is keeping it up and staying motivated. If…

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Are you Dying to Diet?


It’s that time of year again when popular cries from homes around the country are: ‘I want to lose weight!’, ‘I want to get fit!’ and ‘I should go on a diet!’. In the first few weeks it’s all good. We believe we can take on the challenge of diet and fitness and conquer it…

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Myth Busting Starvation Diets

Results 2

TRUTH NOT MYTH IT’S A WEIGHTY MATTER- MYTH BUSTING STARVATION DIETS Hundreds and possibly thousands of people each year launch themselves into ‘starvation’ diets.  I’m here to bust this myth above all others and reveal the truth.   Myth Number 1: If I starve myself I will lose weight This must surely be the number 1 myth…

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What type of bird are you?


Human beings may not necessarily have to hunt their food or defend their young these days. Answer the following questions to find your bird personality. Human beings may not necessarily have to hunt their food or defend their young from prey these days but deep down we all have natural instincts and inbred characteristics. Here…

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