10 Tips to avoid the all inclusive binge

All inclusive

How many months do we usually spend prepping for holidays with strict healthy eat plans and regular exercise, to then waste is over indulging on holiday?  As most of us will agree, holidays are planned as resort to relax and spending time enjoying the local cuisine and making the most of the money we have…

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How to supercharge your BBQ

BBQ image of peppers

  It is finally the season of late night evenings in the garden, drinks are flowing and the BBQ is on. It can also be an extremely difficult time for those trying to eat clean and stick to a healthy and lean diet. Using lean meats instead of burgers and sausages can be a great…

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5 Ab Exercises To Do In Any Hotel Room

Exercise image of a V-sit

Going or working away doesn’t necessarily mean that your workouts need to stop. You may be away from your local gym or any equipment you may have at home, but you can still keep your stomach toned right in your hotel room. We have put together 5 of the best ab exercises that you can…

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15 Minute Prawn Curry


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Fitness test and workout Workout

Here is the Fitness test:-  [embedyt]https://youtu.be/T9CEpJRbQaU[/embedyt] 8 Exercise: Make a quick note of the exercises and record the number of repetitions you complete within the time. Press ups – Record number of reps Lunges- Record number of reps Squat Thrusts – Record number of reps Ab Twists – Record number of reps Side Lunge Touches – Record number…

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Go it alone vs Hiring a Personal Trainer

In this Podcast: We are talking about what is best for you, The Cons and the Pros. Click play to start listening ‘Go it alone vs Hiring a personal trainer’

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3 Steps to Survive a Bank Holiday

The summer months are scattered with bank holiday weekends. Whilst this is fantastic and gives us a well deserved break, it also introduces a lot of temptation that can cause us to ditch our diets and training plans for three days or more. By planning ahead and using this extra time wisely though, you can…

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The Life of a Secret Healthy Eater: Part Two

Part of the battle with healthy eating is getting those around you to accept and embrace the changes you have made to your lifestyle. It’s important to feel supported by our loved ones, and with encouragement from others we can commit even further to our new healthy lifestyles. So how can you become healthy, and…

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The Life of a Secret Healthy Eater (Part 1)

Eating well is one of the biggest challenges of getting fit and healthy. Over the years we build unhealthy eating habits that are hard to shake, but get this in order and you’re on to a winner. Diet is key to making progress, but what if you manage to overcome your cravings and bad habits,…

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It’s all About Attitude…

Attitude plays a strong part in how well we do when it comes to making changes to become fitter and healthier. There are few of us who have gotten very far in life with a ‘no can do’ or negative attitude, and that applies to all walks off life, but it is particularly true when…

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