3 Bank Holiday Cocktails To Serve At Any Summer Party

Nothing makes summer like cooling off with a refreshing and fruity cocktail. A garden party or BBQ isn’t complete without a jug of cocktails being passed around to enjoy.

We all enjoy a cocktail, especially when sharing with friends. They are usually a crowd pleaser, making them popular at a group party or event, rather than trying to cater for individual needs.

However, cocktails can amount to a huge amount of empty calories and a great deal of sugar. As much as we enjoy the sweet and fruity zest, certain cocktails can accumulate up to over 400 calories and over 40g of sugar in one glass.

Many cocktails contain a variety of different of different ingredients that we many not even be aware of. Most contain a hidden amount of sugar and fats, helping them to become so fruity and delicious!

Swapping cocktails for a more waist slimming choice can make all the difference to your body. Although alcohol can be one of the most high calorie drinks to consume, there are ways around making them a little healthier.

Don’t be fooled by the cocktails that contain a lot of 100% pure fruit juices, as these are often the ones that contain the most sugar. Fruit juices are great to enjoy moderately as part of a balanced diet. However with a combustion of a variety of juices in one small drink, the sugar levels can hit the roof, and way above your daily allowance.

Many cocktails offer a lower calories option, with a dramatic reduction in both sugar and fat. With making simple changes, like soda water instead of lemonade, and reduced sugar juices, you can start creating healthier cocktails! Using natural fruit zest is also a great way to make your cocktails more naturally friendly!

We have put together 3 delicious summer cocktails for you to try, without over indulging!

Sea Breeze

Juice of one Grapefruit

1 ½ ounce of cranberry juice

1 ounce of vodka

Gin and Tonic (with a twist!)

25ml Gin

125ml Tonic Water

Frozen Lime

Splash of elderflower cordial

Cinnamon Prosecco

125ml of prosecco

One cinnamon stick

Try these cocktails alone or increase the size portion to enjoy with friends on a summer evening. Alcohol should still be consumed responsibly, and even though this cocktails are a lighter choice, they still contain calories! We all deserve a treat once in a while, so enjoy but in moderation if you are looking to loose weight!