We offer a range of corporate wellness programmes that are designed and catered to your company’s needs.

The areas we cover are:

  • On-site fitness sessions, core conditioning to help with desk posture and reduce muscular tension
  • Talk to employees about nutrition, fitness, health and wellness
  • Help structure a training programme for employees who take on charity races and events
  • Help address nutrition to help the staff find an increased level of knowledge that will help them to increase their health and overall wellbeing

And more…

All our corporate wellness programmes are bespoke for each client to address their needs.

It all starts with an initial discovery meeting.

Book your Discovery Call today and start to create your own company’s wellness programmes to empower employees to take their own health seriously and thus be more productive within the organisation

“We’ve been working with Iain for six months now and his enthusiasm and ideas haven’t faltered.

We initially approached Iain to help us with re-invigorating our wellbeing programme and he has been fantastic – he encourages everyone to work to their capabilities, focussing more on technique than on quantity or difficulty of exercises. We introduced two weekly HIIT classes: one for beginners and one for those with a higher level of fitness. Due to the popularity of these sessions, we introduced another class, this time focussing on core strength.

Engagement from staff has been fantastic and we’re being asked to offer more classes, still. Iain has encouraged people who have previously been too nervous to do exercise, to try out a class and it’s in these people that we have seen the most improvement and enthusiasm.

We would not hesitate to recommend Iain for corporate fitness classes and are pleased that Iain will continue to work with us on implementing our wellbeing programme.”

BPE Solicitors