Here's how it works

Weeks 1 & 2 

Setting the foundations for the duration of the project…. You’ll have this time to get familiar with the process and how it will work. 

Get assessments done.  Goals set to find out what you need exactly to get results.

Week 3 & 4 

 We'll be focusing on local movements, the pain areas and the area that's causing the issues.

We'll focus on what changes need to happen and ensure we are heading in the right direction.  

Week 5 & 6

Typically this is when people fall off the bandwagon and stop exercising, good habits and get bored with the same exercises.

That's not going to happen, I'm going to ensure you get the results to stay motivated and on track.

Week 7 & 8 

We are now getting our bodies moving more freely waking up with less aches. 

Starting to reap the benefits and harnessing the power of the programme. 

Whilst keeping on track with new habits and making progress.

Week 9 & 10

Staying committed to what we've achieved together. 

I'm going to ensure that you stay on track even when we're done.

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