Nourish Yourself with the last ever diet

A 12 month commitment to yourself to gain the confidence and understanding that dieting is as simple and easy as you make it, and with the right support and motivation along the way you can master your energy levels and habits and reach the control and balance that has been missing.

The Lean Body MasterPlan

This is a platform to help those of you who need direction on workouts, nutrition and support. We have created a balanced blend of workouts to challenge your fitness levels to make sure you burn fat, strengthen and tone your body. There are nutritional recipes to give you energy and most importantly the tools to monitor your progress, get support and motivation and have your questions answered by a health professional.

To get the best results we recommend a 90 day commitment so you can start to see a change in your body, mindset and health and energy.

Prehab – Movement Therapy with Iain 

All your favourite stretches and releases in one handy place. Clear effective demonstrations so you get the moves right time after time. Get your body confident in the way it moves once again.

Ideal for someone who wants to learn and prevent injuries from returning and to enhance their wellbeing through clear and effective muscle releases and stretches in comfort anywhere with all the content straight to your phone, tablet or computer.