Treat your body this year with a healthy Halloween

We all remember as kids the anticipated wait to go outside trick or treating, to then come home and binge on an endless amount of sweets. Little did we realise back then that those sweet treats were full of artificial flavours and colourings along with little or no nutrition.

Unfortunately now being a little older, and the fun of trick or treating wearing off, we still can’t resist that sweet treat over Halloween. But for those watching the waistline, Halloween doesn’t have to be a dreaded evening of narrowly dodging treats.

Although the temptation may hit, just remember how those processed, sugary foods make you feel after consuming. They often feel us leaving tired and slugging, with a deep regret after. It is all about moderation and portion size. However, if you find you are lacking in willpower this Halloween, be prepared! Prepare three filling and tasty meals, leaving little room left to fill with those processed snacks.

So don’t be scared of those sugar filled treats this Halloween, we have put together 3 delicious, yet healthy recipes for you to try at home!

Sweet and Spicy Pepita Popcorn Balls

Popcorn is a tasty alternative instead of those sugary treats. Mixing sweet and spicy together creates a wonderful combination of flavours, giving your taste buds a little kick this Halloween.

Why not top your popcorn balls with caramel and add a little spooky décor!

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Pumpkin Caramels

For those of your for an especially sweet tooth, Halloween can be difficult for the waistline, but not with these deliciously sweet pumpkin caramels. This simple recipe only takes 5 minutes to prep, let them bake away and there you have your yummy but healthy treats!

Why not find some healthy alternatives to top of the caramels with a scary décor?

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Ghostly Pumpkin Pudding

Now what are the two things that make Halloween? Pumpkins and Ghosts! So why not put them both into a delicious pudding treat!  These are perfect for those hosting a Halloween event, as they look as good as they taste. A fun, healthy classic to add to the table this Halloween.

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So Halloween doesn’t have to be all bad this year, apart from those who are a little jumpy! Transforming your eating habits is all about moderation and finding healthier alternatives for the foods that you love.