We’re rebranding

We are rebranding,   To be able to bring you a clearer easier choice for working with us The New site will be launching in October with some awesome improvements for you. We are so excited to be being this to you.  

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Healthy Elfie

Over December,  we have had a new guest come in at has been showing up everyday of the week doing a workout for us. Watch the first video to see who it is…. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11…

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How to Shop for Fat Loss

  In this weeks Vlog, I take you on a trip around a local supermarket, to show you what to buy, and what aisles you need to go down and the other aisles for you to avoid. I also share what you can do with the certain foods that I have bought . If you…

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Episode 3 #TheAskIainShow

This weeks  questions are;- – I can’t cook healthy – I run but I am not losing weight any more – In achieving a healthy body how important are….   If you have a question you want answering use the #TheAskIainShow on social media to get it answered.   WATCH MORE OF OUR VIDEOS ON OUR…

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Episode 2 #TheAskIainShow


I’m back in the studio at Cheltenham and I answering these questions:- – How to fit in exercise – How to choice healthy meal when at a business dinner – Are setting exercise goals important   If you have a question you want answering use the #TheAskIainShow on social media to get it answered.   WATCH…

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Which one do you do:- Diet and Exercise Vs Eat and Train?

Stop talking about Diet and Exercise plans, they don’t work. You need to find out how and why Training and eating is the way to get results – burn fat, lose weight, and upgrade your body, and give you want you are after in body transformation. I talk to you about the different between Diet…

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Episode 1 #TheAskIainShow


Welcome to the first Episode of #TheAskIainShow In episode 1 we talk about:- – No Carb Diets – What to eat before exercise – What is a good alternative to fizzy drinks Remember to use the #TheAskIainShow to get your questions answered. on social media, WATCH MORE OF OUR VIDEOS ON OUR CHANNEL PAGE OUR…

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Out of the Box Fat Loss

Out of the box Fat Loss

Get out of that box! A short video to help you understand which box you might be in and how to change to it.  

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Treat your body this year with a healthy Halloween

We all remember as kids the anticipated wait to go outside trick or treating, to then come home and binge on an endless amount of sweets. Little did we realise back then that those sweet treats were full of artificial flavours and colourings along with little or no nutrition. Unfortunately now being a little older,…

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Ep2 : I Can’t Exercise Because Part 2

Podcast Cover Image

Part 2 I am going to bust these myths in this three part special and show you that exercise can be done anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

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